In this Video we covered the interior works done  in Mrs. Jansi Amulraj’s House at Tiruverkadu, So Let us Describe the Work in Detail here:

Bedroom wardrobe :

          What we have here is a Bedroom wardrobe box applied with matted finish Laminate of bright and dark color laminates for the wardrobe and loft in the alternative manner as per the customer’s taste such as matte finish solid orange color and matte finish solid color gray, And Inside the wardrobe which the standard drawers, partitions, coat hanger etc.,  are provided by keeping easy and regular usage in mind, also it is customizable according to the customer to give a  fabulous looking Wardrobe at the end.  A mirror at one of the door is also provided. Customer is really satisfied how well the work is fabricated to be a eye catching color design. Hence a bedroom wardrobe with spectacular design is obtained.


Study Unit :

          Here We have a Study unit in the same room as the wardrobe for kids, with the colors that are matching for the wardrobe, with a counter top, under which leg space is given for sitting and reading for the kids also drawer and storage box is given with a shelf inside to keep study related documents and books, also a wall box at top with a glass door for keeping books also given making it easy for the kids to accommodate books in the wall box.