In this Video we covered the interior work done in our client Mr. Jansi Amulraj’s  House at Tiuverkadu, So Let us Describe the Work in Detail here:


Hall TV unit :

                Here We  can see really Charming Hall TV Unit, with show units at both the sides and also at the top with glass planted in the centre giving a very neat look within which you can keep all your honorable awards, photo frames and anything of that sort, In this particular case our client want to keep many imported toys so thus giving the space for them to utilize the need,  then we have the wall panel at the back for covering any of the wire running all this done with two colors one is dark matte finish where as the other one is Light matte finsh laminate color combination here also we given the color assigning process to the customer by providing them with the TV unit drawing, also we it consists of base units at the bottom with glass door in the middle for easy access to dish setup box etc., and with storage boxes given at both sides, To get a simple looking yet classy TV unit.


Pooja unit :

          Here a very unique looking pooja unit that serves the purpose of Christian praying ritual, also the colors are given matching the TV unit as per the client expectation, this is customize as per our customer requirement, with the centre place given for the statue placement with both the sides given for CNC design which will be implemented, and in the bottom drawers and doors of storage given to keep pooja related things, thus giving us a great pooja unit.


.Crockery unit :

          What we have here is a beautifully designed crockery unit , which is also given the same color combination as the other units in the hall giving a uniformity for the interior with glass door which is also giving a altogether special look for wall box at the top and storage unit at the bottom, in between the wall boxes and base unit gap for keeping any kind of devices or household devices and anything of that sort, Thus giving a neat looking crockery unit.