In this Video we covered the interior work done in Our Client Mr. Arun Prakash, RMK Chola Gardens Thiruverkadu Chennai, So Let us Describe the Work in Detail here:

Hall TV unit :

                Here We  can see really Charming, glamorous, stylish Hall TV Unit, with show units at both the sides and at top with glass planted in the centre giving a very neat look within which you can keep all your honorable awards, photo frames and anything of that sort, in this particular case the customer want to decorate the TV unit with imported toys thus given the space for utilizing the need,  then we have the wall panel at the back for covering any of the wire running all this done with a very unique wall panel choice called charcoal sheet,This particular TV unit design was suggested by the customer which they got from the google, and after analyzing the google image carefully we promised to deliver the same design, and after searching the quality dealer in the market we found one and we given the catalogue charcoal sheet to the customer, and they choose one from their choice, and a tall box at left with glass shelves inside also provided with light provision inside, Ledges also provided at required places as per the design with white edge band at the edges, also drawers at the bottom with a counter top is provided, thus giving us a such special looking TV unit.