In this Video we covered the interior works done in Mr.Srinivasan ’s House at Poonamallee, So Let us Describe the Work in Detail here:


Bedroom 1:

          Here as we can see the design, it is given very bright eye catching colors as per customer’s taste with two color laminates one is Popping blue color and the other one is popping white color, these color laminates are assigned to the wardrobe unit in a way that the white color is assigned to the centre of the wardrobe which is the dressing unit, The dressing unit is placed in the very centre of the wardrobe with six inches of space given for a spot light provision at the top, drawer and storage unit at the bottom, Hence altogether giving a very eccentric look.


Bedroom 2 :

          What we have here is a Bedroom wardrobe box  applied  with solid Green color matte finish Laminate and white color matte finish for the wardrobe and loft, And Inside  the wardrobe which the standard drawers, partitions, coat hanger etc.,  are provided by keeping easy and regular usage in mind, also it is customizable according to the customer to give a  fabulous looking Wardrobe at the end.  A mirror at one of the doors is also provided. Customer is really satisfied how well the work is fabricated to be a eye catching color design, also here you can see the color combinations are different from the color combination from the other bedroom, thus giving a unique feeling for each bedroom, another important point to be noted here is that there is a electrical point given in the left side of the wardrobe and that is given a open provision so that can be used.


Modular Kitchen :

          Here in this  house we have the beautiful L-Kitchen with Matte finish solid laminate color such as glamorous red and white for wall boxes and base boxes, In such a small place the modular kitchen is given such a bright colors and space friendly with more storage. In the base unit we have cabinets for storage purpose with a horizontal plank placed in the middle serving as a Divider which is also removable when needed to keep things that are more in height, and also we have cabinets comprised of Drawers cutlery, thali, plain, Oil pullout, also we got a shutters for storage unit in the other wall shutters with the glass in the centre and bottom for storage. Thus giving us a elegant modular kitchen with both storage and drawers, also some of the wall boxes are given glasses as per the customer’s requirement.

Pooja Unit   :

          Here, we have the pooja unit with beautiful color selection using dark matte finish color that matches the pooja standard color requirement , with ganesha and bell cnc cut in the doors, Inside the Unit we provided space for Lord photos at the back panel, in the bottom of that we have easily pulling out board which will serve as a Padayal place during holy pooja ‘s, and below that we have the drawers and storage shutters for simple pooja related objects to keep, thus giving us a compact godly looking pooja unit.


Hall TV unit :

                Here We  can see a simple yet elegant looking TV unit, with a show unit in the right comprises of Glass door and shelves at equal offset from top to bottom , a wall panel with a color selection similar to the pooja unit in the hall making it a uniform elegant design, also it consists of base units at the bottom with glass door in the middle for easy access to dish setup box etc., and with small sized planks at the right and a full length plank at the top, To get a simple looking yet classy TV unit.